Jottinx: the electronic equivalent of a small notebook to keep your brief (and hurriedly written) notes

This is a small side-project, just scratching my own itch, I was an avid user of Google Notebook. So this site will mostly mimick the functionality of Google Notebook. Plain and simple note-keeping.

Please note that for now this still is a work in progress.

Features a short overview


A clear focus on simplicity, and writing well formatted notes. Just plain and simple, jot down some words, a link, do some small formatting if needed, but that's it.

familiar editor

We use markdown, it lets you focus on content instead of layout. It is also used on Stackoverflow, github and many others.

organise your notes

Using books and tags to easily organise and find your data. Jottinx also support full-text search to find data.

easily import your Google Notebook data

Google Notebook offers a very clean way to export your data using Atom XML. While this format does not cover all data (e.g. the order of the notes is lost), it does contain all your notes. Jottinx uses a different formatting system, so I created a conversion which I hope is close to perfection. If you have any remarks let me know, as it is very important that this process is accurate and painless.

I saw the future ...

Some future additions, in no specific order:
  • make the UI more responsive: even more JS driven, autosave everything
  • easily manage and order your books and notes (drag/drop)
  • make stuff shareable, so you can share your notes with your collegues, and maybe even let them comment on your notes
  • add a WYSIWYG editor for which you do not have to write markdown (optionally), some users asked this.
  • add an API, so Jottinx becomes extendable. This will allow us to
    • e.g. add a browser-extension to quickly add new bookmarks
    • maybe add our own Iphone and Android apps?
    • let other people use the API?

FAQ frequently asked questions

  1. Do I have to pay for this?

    Nope. This is free and will remain that way for a while. Thanks to heroku where I can host this for free.

  2. How can I import my Google Notebook data?

    If you are logged in, in your top-left corner you can find the Tools command. Click to open a drop-down, and there you will find the Import Google Notebook command. It allows you to import a previously exported Notebook from Google Notebook.

  3. How can I export my Google Notebook data (to import here)?

    You can easily export your Google Notebook in Atom format.

    When you open your Google Notebook account, there are a two options.

    • Click on the Export link at the bottom of your notebook, and select the Atom option.
    • Click on the manage your notebooks link, under your list of notebooks, and then select the atom option.

    If you have more question relating, do not hesitate to contact us.

  4. How can I get a strike-through effect in your editor?

    If you want certain parts of the text to look like this you will have to use the <del> tag inside your text.

    Try something like

    Note that <del>this text</del> is striked through.

  5. What in #$@#$#% name is markdown?

    Markdown is a plain-text format which easily converts to clean HTML. This allows to quickly write and still create good-looking web-content. E.g. a few examples: _code_ will generate italicised text. *code* will shown emphasised text. Code segments are marked by backquotes `` , or by adding four leading spaces.

  6. How can I delete my account?

    How much as I would hate to see you go, you can just go to Tools->My Profile where you can press the big red button that will delete your profile.

    For the moment there is no option to export your data yet, but I am working on that.

  7. I have another question ...

    Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can expect an answer within 24 hours (or sooner).